About EI

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About Extend International (EI):

EI was formed as a non-profit organization registered in the State of Tennessee, USA (tax ID number: 06 1687475).

EI's current Board of Directors are: Mr. Eric Job (chairman); Dr. Dean Stacy, DDS (secretary); Mr. Rick Cole and Mr. Joel Lillie (EI International Director - non-voting member of board)

EI Member Care are: Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Sheila Cole.

Rachel Brown serves as our forwarding agent and treasurer, and handles all donation deposits, record-keeping and tax-deductible receipts.

All of the Lillie's support through EI is received from churches and individuals who partner with us.

We invite you to seek the Lord in the possibility of partnering with us – both as a prayer warrior and as a financial supporter – in sharing the Gospel with those at Purdue University and beyond. 

Your prayer and financial support makes it possible to live and serve on a full-time basis; therefore, our partnership with our supporters is a vital part of our ministry. 

We believe that God will do great things in our (both yours and ours) investment in participating in what He is currently doing among international students and other parts of the world.  Will you please join us in taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to the nations?